Five Star Auto Care is a better, faster, and more reliable alternative to the dealership.

Because we specialize in Mercedes services, we can offer quicker and more accurate diagnostics and repairs on everything – including brakes.

Cars that won’t start are frustrating, but cars that won’t stop are downright dangerous. So if your Mercedes’ brakes aren’t performing properly, call Five Star Auto Care right away to get the problem addressed.

Look out for these indicators of brake problems:

  1. Brake warning light on your dashboard
  2. Brake squeal
  3. It takes longer to stop completely
  4. Pulsation in brake pedal
  5. Car pulls to one side when stopping
  6. Brake pedal goes down too far when you press it, or  sinks slowly

How to Preserve Your Brakes

We recommend a brake inspection at every oil change or tire rotation, and having the brake fluid flushed every 30,000 miles or less. We also recommend to always using factory brake pads.

Mercedes Brake Repair in Orange County

Our technicians are hand-picked because of their unparalleled knowledge and passion for Mercedes. They don’t just work on these cars, they are factory-trained on all things Benz-related.

At Five Star, we offer complete brake services, including brake pad replacement, pad sensor replacement, and brake rotor replacement.

Call (949) 548-6152 to make an appointment at Five Star Auto Care today!