Engine problems are terrifying to just about every car owner out there. Regular maintenance from Five Star Auto Care can keep those problems away.

Because we specialize in Mercedes, our diagnostics are accurate and precise, and most of our repairs can be done same-day.

Everything at Five Star is always on the up and up – we are dedicated to honesty, integrity, and value to our customers. Bottom line, we’ll treat you like family and your Mercedes as if it were our own.

We’ll inspect your car regardless of your warranty status, and we promise to only recommend repairs you actually need. We’ll explain exactly what the problems are and let YOU make the decision.

Mercedes Engine Repair in Orange County

Here’s how to tell if your engine might be in trouble, or just in need of a little TLC.

Check Engine Light

Ah, the dreaded “Check Engine” light. Is it serious? How can you know?

If you have a scan tool, plug it in and take a look. This way you can tell the difference between a loose gas cap and a real issue with your engine. If you don’t, bring your Mercedes into Five Star Auto Care. We’ll get your car in tip top shape and back to you in no time.

We can suggest some things for you to check on your own, and if necessary, we’ll have you bring in your Mercedes to be checked out by our team of master mechanics.

Symptoms of engine trouble can include:

  • banging or tapping noises
  • excessive smoke from the tailpipe
  • foul smells
  • shaking, jerking, or rough handling
  • rapid oil consumption
  • sudden and major loss of power

Weird Sounds

If it sounds like someone is taking a hammer to the metal under your hood, it could mean problems with your engine. Best to call your trusted Mercedes engine repair shop and explain the sounds to your mechanic.

Noise under the hood can be symptomatic of detonation in the engine’s cylinders. This happens when gasoline prematurely ignites in the cylinders’ combustion chamber. It could result in piston damage and costly repairs.

Excessive Smoke

Blue smoke from the tailpipe is a sure sign of engine trouble. It means oil is escaping from its intended passageways within the engine and burning along with your fuel.

White smoke, on the other hand, means water condensation or antifreeze has mixed with the fuel supply. Smoke coming out from under the hood probably means your engine has overheated.

In either case, you can keep adding coolant or antifreeze to your cooling system, which will keep the car from overheating, but the smartest move would be to get your Mercedes checked out as soon as possible.

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